Monday, June 20, 2011

Food Blogs

There is a pretty decent sized list of blogs that I follow and make sure to read everyday. Most of them are just fun life and style blogs but I must say, the food blogs that I follow are my absolute favorites. I love photography and food bloggers always seem to take really, really good pictures of their food. Not to mention, their food always sounds delicious and they have definitely inspired me to cook more and try harder recipes.

I just got done reading one that made me get up and make what she had as soon as I had finished reading the post. I decided after that, that I should do a post on these few food blogs that I love, because I think everyone should enjoy their lovely-ness.

First is Joy The Baker.
I looove the photos she takes of her food and her writing style. She's funny, sweet and likes to drink...that's my kinda girl :) She's coming out with a cookbook soon so she really knows what she's doing too. Her recipes can be a bit more challenging at times, but they always turn out amazing.

Next is Emma at Food Coma
She's the gal in charge of the tasty goodies available at the Red Velvet shop, and she started a food blog to show some of the things she makes at home. Her photos are bright and airy, and her recipes are usually pretty easy to follow. A few of her recipes have found their way into my go-to recipe book now too.
Veggie, pesto, goat cheese sandwich. YUM.
Yogurt Pancakes. YUM again.
The recipe box section makes it easy to find what you're looking for or just to get good ideas.

Next up is Sprouted Kitchen, a husband and wife duo.
I honestly just started following because the photographs are so well done, but the more I read the more I liked the food as well. The hubby takes the photos, and the wife is the mastermind behind the vegan and very healthy recipes. I have yet to be brave enough to try any thing from them, because some of the ingredients can be harder to find, but I love checking in to see what they've added.

Last is my favorite photography centered food website. It's called Food Porn Daily, and that's just what it is. Amazing food pictures, one added everyday, and it can be pretty addictive. When I first stumbled upon the site and I kept clicking through the photos for waaaay too long. I like it because anyone can send in a picture of pretty food, but the people who run the site get to be very selective and choose the best of the bunch for that days picture, so you get a great quality photo. They came out with a book as well that has recipes along with the photos, but the website does not. Sometimes that can be frustrating when something sounds especially delicious, but I've usually been able to find something like it by searching the web.

So there ya go. Take a look, drool a little, and then go make some tasty food!

And feel free to leave me links to any good food blogs you know of!