Sunday, March 20, 2011

technological art

This could be considered art right? Maybe nerd art?
I think so. But then again..I'm currently a little obsessed :)
This is the first fancy phone I've ever had,
and now I'm definitely never going back.
I haven't even come close to figuring everything out
but these new phones are amazing.
Nerds you are awesome. Thank you for my new phone.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Happiness is...

FINALLY setting up my living room so I have a comfy place to do my inter-netting!

Plus, now my books (and owls) have a home once again:

My butt has a home now (I've been parted from this amazing lazy-boy for almost 4 years now!):

My records have a home now:

And this is my adorable dog..the post is called "happiness is" so he is totally relevant :)

I love moving into a new space and the feeling you get when your favorite things are accessible to you again. Having everything in boxes for weeks/months is a drag. It's nice when it starts to feel like home.
now the decorating begins!!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

I think I'm back..

Alright so as I said a couple weeks ago I think I figured out why I'm such a bad blogger (aside from being a super procrastinator). I usually feel like I'm not being productive when I sit down to write a I don't and instead go watch TV or read about other peoples more interesting lives via their blogs. Clearly my judgement on what qualifies as productive isn't so great..

Another part of my problem is that I was trying to cover too many things- life, adventures, art, music, cool things etc. etc. So instead of giving myself too many choices to get ADD about, I just decided to focus mainly on art. I'll be blogging about awesome artists/their work, ideas I want to try, and art/craft how-to's that I've already done. Hopefully this will make me want to share my ideas more, and make me create more at home so that I have more to share. I even bought a little journal to write post ideas and art ideas in, we'll see if it works!