Friday, January 29, 2010


I have to go to the dentist in two weeks. I haven't gone in 10 years, and there is a reason. I HATE IT..I'm super antsy and I still have two weeks to go! I know I'm gonna have to get my wisdom teeth taken out :( who knows what else!?

Reasons I hate the dentist:
-I feel like they're judging me
-They're mean flossers
-They ask stupid questions when they have their fingers/sharp objects in my mouth
-I don't get stickers/prizes anymore

In case I don't survive...farewell..

Current Song: Sky by Joshua Radin and Ingrid Michaelson
Love them together!

Current Awesome Picture: Foam Art Exhibit..people can do some craaazzzy stuff.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I originally created this blog so that I could comment on a friends, and that was going to be the only reason I had it. But while procrastinating on school work, I stumbled upon a few more blogs that I found incredibly distracting and interesting. Which brings me back to mine. This isn't my sort of thing, but who knows, I could learn to love it..and hey, it beats staring mindlessly at my computer (which totally has the cute snow white decal now :) yay etsy).
I haven't decided what the purpose of this blog will be yet..most likely just random ramblings, songs, and pictures that I find. In fact I'll start now..

Current Song:
Chasing Pirates by Norah Jones
She's adorable and I love the daydreamy style video. Makes me want to be on a pirate ship...i suppose a sailboat would do too.

Current Awesome Picture:
I loves me some penguins...and epic picture taking.