Monday, May 10, 2010

meeem's day

For my mom's present on mother's day I thought I'd get crafty instead of just buying her something. So after work last week I headed to the craft store to pick up the supplies to make some wall hangings for her sewing room which she frequents often (she's a costumer for my old ballet studio). I found some awesome scrapbook paper, cutouts and stickers were all sewing related! So after collecting some of those I made my way to the isle that held the canvases and that's when it happened...the canvas vs. toe incident.

Ok so really I'm a big baby, but it hurt! A three pack of canvas fell from the top shelf (above my head) directly onto my middle toe. I was convince it was broken for but I think it just bruised the bone. Here's a day later:

Suffering in the name of art is ok by me though..and in the end I ended up buying the very canvas that injured me haha. Here's the finished product!




happy mom :)

I made breakfast too, and it was delish! My favorite for sure. Stuffed french toast filled with a cream cheese, marmalade mixture and topped with marmalade. YUM. My dad thought I was a weirdo for taking pictures of it..but it was pretty :)

Hope you all had an excellent day with your mommies :D

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