Wednesday, April 28, 2010

welcome to the zoo. crazy squirrels not welcome.

my house is currently more of a zoo than a home.
we've got 2 dogs, 4 cats, 5 people and a two and half year old.

she's crazy..but pretty i think we'll keep her.

although it's slightly insane most of the time, it does provide for some amusement and great photo opportunities. can't complain about that!

i just got some film developed from this past week, and i took a lot of shots of our animals.
here's a few:

Captain Jack.
my dog/son and the love of my life

this is our rad backyard and my bro's dog Rocket.
he is 100% Dug from the movie Up.

Milo. cuddliest cat i've ever owned.
he's also taken down a squirrel.

Skittles the chesire cat

this little fella isn't a pet but
the above mentioned Skittles was about to munch on him.
i looked in a tree for a nest only to see that his bro/sis was being eaten a squirrel..
i was not aware squirrels ate birds. ew.
so after that i found him a new home away from the cats and crazy ass squirrels

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