Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Holga 2.0

Greetings! It's been a while..i blame school. and possibly laziness, but blaming school is always better :) i'm in my last quarter though! and one of my classes I am LOVING. Art Appreciation, and my prof is an artist (mostly sculpture stuff) who i've taken a jewelry class from previously. I just really dig art, so I'm enjoying learning stuff I feel I should have known already.

One of the first studio assignments he handed out was to take an ordinary object and make it extraordinary. I thought about turning in the camera strap i felted but then i remembered my semi-broken Holga that I've been wanting to paint/decorate somehow.
(I don't actually know if it's broken because I have yet to find anywhere here in borings-ville that will develop 120 film..but there is a plastic piece inside that broke and is rattling around inside the camera. Which fits the craptasticness of the Holga really well, I kinda love it!)

Anyway, here's what standard Holgas look like:

and here's my finished Holga:
I love it! and i really hope it's not actually broken because now i want to use this one and not my other non-rattling one! I have to fix a few scratches on it (next to the holga label) because i may or may not have dropped it :/ heh heh i'm not clumsy, i swear.
I turned it in today, and the prof loved it..i even got extra credit! I'd like to think it was for overall rad-ness :)

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