Sunday, March 28, 2010

crafty weekend

Ok first I'd like to start by saying....I quit. I've completely lost interest in the list thing. It was the recipe day that killed me haha, I like cooking but I definitely don't have any amazing recipes up my sleeve, so I was stuck on that one. I am a quitter, and I am completely ok with that. Now onto my weekend!

School finished up early for me last week, so I was able to just go to work and come home all last nice! Not having homework to stress over this weekend was also great and I got so much crafty stuff done! Here's project number one:

I recently bought a film camera, and when I saw the plain black camera strap I decided it needed a little something. Felting is one of my new favorite things to do so I thought it might be fun to try on the strap.
I started with the blue flower and came up with the rest of the design from there.
That pink tool has three needles that are barbed coming out of the end, you poke those through the felt and whatever surface you're attaching the felt to and the barbs pull the felt/wool fibers through the fabric.
You just cut felt pieces and lay them directly on the fabric surface you're attaching them to...
then poke away.
The finished product.
Ta-da!! I'm super happy with the way it turned out, but now I'm on a mission to find more camera straps..I've got a billion new design ideas! This was a really fun, and fairly quick project.

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