Sunday, March 21, 2010

Day "oh my gosh i have so many to catch up on"

Hola. I have been missing from the blog world for some time due to quite a few things. School finals (which after monday are done, woo!) personal ish, and just plain being lazy. Soooo now I have seven days worth of list stuff to catch on. blah.

OOOOKKK here we go

13: Fictional Book- Invisible Monsters by my fave, Mister Chuck Palahniuk. Very odd much like Fight Club was.

14: Non-Fictional Book- Same Kind of Different As Me written by the people it is about, Ron Hall and Denver Moore. I don't read many non-fictional books, but I really enjoyed this one.

15: A Fanfic Day
Not gonna lie...I have no idea what this means..nor do I care enough to figure out, sooo PASS.

16: You'll Think of Me by Keith Urban
This one was kind of hard to come up with because there aren't many songs that make me cry. Movies? Shoot I could give a list 5 miles long, not songs so much though, cause I tend to just not listen to them. I remember this one because I had just broken up with a guy I had dated for a pretty long time in high school, and signed this song for my ASL class. I almost started crying in class which would have been super embarrassing! But I didn't. This song still makes me sad though.

17:An Art Piece
This isn't necessarily an art piece as in artist created/painted/drawn/whatever. But it is a piece of art or could frame one, and I think it's really cool, and it's my next project (once i find those flowers). So ta-da! Thank you Martha Stewart!

18: Whatever tickles my fancy
The Four Corner Store is a website that sells all things toy camera. I have a holga as do quite a few of my friends, and there just isn't anything better than carrying around a cheap plastic camera and not having to worry about any damage to it, but getting steller and really fun pictures in the end. It is really unpredictable, has random light leaks, you can create double exposures easily and it has the cool grainy effect that most film cameras do. Holga's are the only toy cameras I've had a chance to use, but after finding this website that sells them at the cheap prices they're meant to be sold at, I'm thinking I might try another. Moral of the story, toy cameras and film cameras in general, are awesome. So if you've been considering purchasing one, stop considering, just do it!

19: I'm gonna do tomorrow, so until then, have a great night!

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