Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Polaroids are quite possibly one of the coolest types of cameras out there. I love film, but seeing as I shoot mostly in digital, I am used to instant gratification. Film cameras give an amazing result..but I have to wait a really long time..and lets face it, I'm super impatient. Polaroids however, let me snap a picture and hold it in my hands fully developed minutes later. I can't even do that with digital!
Sadly the only Polaroid camera I have at the moment is a Spectra 2, which is a weird version and ridiculously hard to find film for :( But thanks to this fancy contraption called, the internet, I can now turn my digital photos into polaroids!
Let me introduce you to the Poladroid. After downloading the software, which takes about 2 minutes, you can start turning your own pictures into polaroids that can be saved on your
computer. It even makes that great Polaroid sound :) you know the one.
I love this program, and I highly recommend it. Super fun! Here's some of my poladroids:

Go try some!

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I love this video..creepy and cool

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