Sunday, May 22, 2011

Jewelry Displays (part 1)

Hello. My name is Aubrey. And I, am a shopaholic.

That's right, clothes, shoes, purses, name it, I have waaay too much of it. That's the problem with living with your parents while working full time/two jobs and only paying for school. The rest of your moolah goes wherever the heck else you want it to..and I reeeally like shopping. So now I'm in a new house with a poor boy who realizes, too late I might add :), that he got not only me but ALL my stuff. I feel bad, I do, but I also really like said stuff. I got rid of a pretty decent amount when I moved in, but it's still pretty bad, and I decided I should come up with interesting ways to store all my stuff. Putting purses and shoes in the closet in my craft room, reorganizing drawers and closets that could be more functional if shown some love, and using normally unused wall space to display jewelry.

The first project I did was a necklace..hanger? holder? I don't know what to call it but I like how it turned out haha.

Step 1: I bought a plain wood shelf from Hobby Lobby, and painted it white.
Step 2: I bought a pack of tea cup hooks.
Step 3: I measured and marked dots on the underside of the shelf where I planned to put the hooks.
Step 4: I hammered starter holes with a small nail in each spot to make it easier to screw in the hooks. Those can be screwed in by hand and then tightened with pliers.
Step 5: Figure out where you want it on the wall and then measure, mark where the screws go and hang it up (of course I like guesstimating so i put it up crooked about 3 long as you never take it off the wall again you'll never know, right? heh heh)
Step 6: Hang all your necklaces up, stand back, and admire your craftiness!
The last picture of it isn't that great, but I really love how it looks. Right now I have random earrings and headbands on it, but eventually I'll put a painting up there. I like it because it uses up the wall space above the toilet in a functional way. I might have hung a picture there normally but now I can use the space to display my jewelry (and it's way better than having them tangled up in jewelry boxes!) and I can still put art up there too. Yay!

Hope this ones useful to other jewelry hoarders out there :)

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