Saturday, February 27, 2010

Cardboard Love

I've been seeing these around more and more lately and I love them. I think it would be fun to write some and leave them for people to find randomly. I know I would be excited if I found one of these cute scraps somewhere unexpected. Go check out the website. Awesome couple.
And to my loves--

to my soon to be new bff who is marrying one of my current bffs ;) :
to said dude bff who is one of the most interesting people i know:
to my bff who i absolutely love doing girly things with:
to other dude bff who wants to be a dentist heh heh i had to:
to my bff of 13 years..whoa:

I have the greatest friends in the entire world.
You complete me :D haha

Current Song: All I Wanted by Paramore...girl can sing

Current Awesome Photo: Transparent Animals..cooool

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