Friday, February 19, 2010


1. If I could medal in an olympic event it would be trampoline jumping...they tried to make that an event didn't they?

2. If I was stranded on a deserted island I'd take My hot boyfriend, a swim suit & my pug Captain Jack, because what kind of mother would I be if I left him behind?

3. Helicopter Blades are my most irrational fear.

4. I'd rather use a public restroom (other irrational fear) everyday, than live in snow everyday.

5. I am so looking forward to graduating next quarter! A college graduate..i'm getting so big :)

6. I should really be enjoying the sunshine, taking pictures, or doing homework..i think i'll go do the first two when i finish this .

7. One of my favorite things in all the world is the annual camping trips me and my best friends from high school take every summer. they are the coolest guys and gals i know .

Current Song: Soon We'll Be Found by Sia
I loved this performance and the video for this song. Sign language is beautiful!

Current Awesome Photo: Dead Fly Art
This makes me laugh and shudder at the same time. I would like to meet the person who decided to play with dead flies.