Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Moving, Moving, Moving

Seeing as I will soon be finished with school, and getting out of hell..I mean *here*.. I have been collecting pictures of cool things that I would like to do in my future living space. Here are a few:

I think the umbrella and sun would be great for a kids room or the Preschool I'll own one day :) The tree would be cool in a house or apartment though.

I would never hang anything on's too cute. My favorite out of all these things.

GENIUS! I would never leave..

Love this wallpaper

I need to find film for my polaroid camera :/ then I'm definitely doing this!

and last
I want this in my backyard. Grown up fort.

So cute.
All of these photos are from amazing site if you haven't checked it out before.

Current Song: Percussion Gun by White Rabbits

Current Awesome Picture: NARWHALS! I am so in love with these weird creatures. Especially the one in the movie Elf..his voice cracks me up.

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